Q:  Am I allowed to carry weapons or alcohol? Is smoking permitted?

A:  Even if you possess a concealed weapon permit, weapons are NOT ALLOWED within the Market. Open containers of alcohol are also prohibited, as is smoking within the Market space.(You may smoke outside the Market perimeter or in your vehicle.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Cañon City Farmers Market

Q:What are Double-Up Food Bucks? How do those work?

A: When you use your SNAP/EBT card at the Market, we double your buying power by offering Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) coupons. You pay only for the SNAP coupons, and we match that purchase with an equal number of DUFBs. The only limitation is that while SNAP can be used to purchase almost any food products, DUFBs can only be used to but fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables. 

Q:  Can I bring my pet?

A:  Our four-legged friends (including both service animals and loyal buddies) are welcome in the Market; however, they MUST be restrained at ALL TIMES. This is both a City and Park regulation. Also  please be considerate and clean up after your pooch! (If you need assistance, please contact the Market Manager.) If there are any issues reported with your pet you will be asked to leave the Market space.

Q:  Can I use my SNAP/EBT card to buy food?

A:  Yes! You can use your EBT card to "purchase" SNAP coupons that you can use to buy any food products within the Market. There is a limit of $20 per EBT transaction, but you are allowed to make multiple purchases. Our food vendors all accept SNAP; however, they are not allowed to offer cash as change for any purchase -- this is a Federal law.

Q:  Do you accept credit/debit cards?

A:  Some of our vendors already accept credit/debit cards. You can also visit the Market Manager's booth, where we have a "Square" that lets you make charges against your credit or debit card to purchase Market Bucks. These are "paper money" coupons that come in $5 increments. There is no limit to the amount of Market Bucks you may purchase; however, there is a $1 service fee applied to any Money Bucks purchase. Money Bucks may only be used within the Market, but all of our vendors accept those (and will provide you cash if you need change, since this transactions are basically cash-for-cash.).

Q:  When is the Market open?

A:  The Market is open every Tuesday, 8 am to 1 pm, throughout the season.

Q:  How do I become a vendor?

A:  Please visit the Join Us page, where there is a link to the 2019 Vendor Application form.

Q:  Are religious or political groups allowed to participate and/or distribute materials?

A:  The Market is a family-friendly, non-partisan, non-sectarian event, so no, religious and/or political groups may not set up booths for the purposes of political activities. (This is a regulation imposed by our non-profit status). However, since the Market is held on public property, customers and passersby are free to engage in political and/or religious activities such as canvassing, campaigning, protesting, and the like. Such persons may not be interfered with unless their activities become disruptive or endanger peAll Market-affiliated participants (staff and vendors) are ASKED -- NOT DIRECTED -- to be mindful and respectful of EVERYONE in conversations and transactions. No discriminatory behavior of any kind is tolerated. VENDORS contracted with the Market may sell politically- or religious-themed items within their vending space, but likewise may not distribute religious- or political-themed literature due to the Market's 501(C)3 status prohibiting such any activities that can be construed as the Market representingor endorsing any partisan group.

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Q:  How much does it cost to be a vendor?

A:  Please visit the Join Us page, where the different vendor types, participation levels, and fees, etc. are described.

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Q:  What is the Market Season schedule this year?

A:  The Market Season opens Tuesday, June 4th and runs every Tuesday thru Sept. 24th.

Q:  Where can I park?

A:  Space within the Market is limited to curbside along the park perimeter. Some vendors are allowed to keep their vehicles nearby, but only with prior arrangement. There is ample (free) parking in the Royal Gorge Scenic Railroad parking lot just across the railroad tracks to the south of the Park. Anyone with mobility issues should contact the Market Manager to request curbside access.

Q:  Where is the Market held?

A:  Veteran's Park (intersection of Royal Gorge Blvd. and South 3rd St.), in Cañon City.

Q:  What can I sell?

A:  Lots of great stuff!

  • Most foodstuffs, including produce, baked goods, meats, eggs, honey, jams & jellies, etc. Plants and plant seeds are also acceptable.
  • Artists may sell virtually any type of wall art, candles, jewelry, quilted goods and crafted fabrics, yard and garden art, ceramics, wood and/or leathercraft, clothing, health & beauty products (including those containing CBD), and much more!
  • ​Concessionaires may sell sandwiches, grilled and prepared foods, beverages, ice cream, etc. We even have a vendor selling Mexican-style tamales!

     Please contact the Market Manager with any questions about specific items, licensing and other requirements, etc.

Q:  What items CAN'T be sold?

A:  Common items that cannot be sold within the Market are:

  • Alcohol or products containing alcohol
  • Cigarettes, tobacco, cannabis, or smoking-related items
  • Guns, ammunition, or other weapons. (Small hunting, utility, and/or pocket knifes are allowed).
  • Animals (these cannot be offered "for free" either!)
  • Certain food items such as salsas are not allowed.
  • ​Non-profits are not allowed to sell anything.

​​    Please contact the Market Manager with any questions about specific items.