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2020 Cañon City Farmers Market Schedule


Feb. 12, 2020
Please read this message from Mike Adams' family:

​​"It is with immense sorrow that we must announce this devastating news. On the night of February 5th, 2020 Michael ‘Mike’ Adams passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Yes, this is awful. Yes, this is true.

At this time Viresco Farms is suspending retail sales until further notice. To our customers we do apologize that we will not be able to fulfill any orders if you have placed them. Thank you for understanding and we will update you on changes as soon as we are able. Please direct any questions to 719-315-0070.

We are so sorry to burden you with this grief. We know too well that Mike was a dear and treasured friend as well as a beloved family member to us all. Rest assured that our family is all together now and by the grace of God he will see us through this. We wish you all to please care for your hearts as well. We deeply appreciate your offers of food and service, but at this time all we can ask for are your continued prayers for our family. If there is anything we need we will reach out accordingly when we are ready. In lieu of flowers, charitable donations can be made in Michael Adams name to --

Fremont County Colorado Cattleman’s Association for Sustainable Agriculture Projects
Contact: Josh Gillespie 719-371-3703
The Brain Injury Allience of Colorado

Mike’s memorial service will be held at Holt Mortuary 806 Macon Ave, Canon City, CO 81212
this Thursday February 13th, 2020 at 1:00PM. As dear friends and family we are looking forward to sharing his love and memory with all who are able to attend. Please, you are more than welcome to come! If you are not able to join us then we would love it if you would share your favorite memory/photo of Mike here on facebook, over text, or give us a call!

Thank you for loving Mike! Thank you for loving our family, for sharing in our dreams of sustainable living on a farm, and for being a part of our lives. The relationships that Mike built with all of you is a true testament to his legacy. To the man that God called him to be. The love he shared will always remain in your hearts and in ours.

Thank you.
With love and sympathy,
The Adams Family.

P.S. Please feel free to share this post with anyone you feel may need to know.


March 20, 2020
​Due to the COVID-19 virus and its impact (both current and projected) on our community, county, and state, the 2020 Cañon City Farmers Market season is now re-scheduled to begin July 7th (instead of June 9th).

This decision is based not only on the uncertainties associated with the virus, but other factors that make it nearly impossible to adequately plan for the season, not only for the market itself, but for potential vendors, customers, and our community as a whole. 

Several local craft fairs and public events, including Blossom Fest, have already been either cancelled or re-scheduled, and it only makes sense to delay the opening of the Market as well. Please be assured that these decisions are not made lightly by anyone responsible for them. 

Application forms and other info will be available soon; however, nobody is asked to submit applications or pay any season fees yet, since the economic impact of the virus is already substantial for many of our local and veteran participants, and it will take some time for our community to return to any state of normalcy. That said, please feel free to indicate interest in participation, as an approximate head count will help with other decisions that must be made later on. 

Cañon City Farmers Market is well aware of the fear and confusion generated by the spread of this dangerous disease— especially for members of a community that is heavily-populated with seniors, who are one of the major at-risk groups. The decision to delay the season start is in part an effort to continue to support and protect them and others, including our market staff, who are also at risk from the impact of the virus. That said, it has always been our policy to promote an atmosphere of mutual support and respect, and those attitudes are more important than ever during this crisis. The entire picture of how deeply this virus will affect us all is constantly changing, and we must adapt as those scenarios play out. 

This site will be available to respond to business-related questions submitted via email from the Contact Us page.
Please note: personal and/or abusive comments of any nature will NOT be tolerated. 

We, as a community, need to pull together, not tear ourselves apart. Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay tuned for updates. 

Thanks for your understanding and continued interest in Cañon City Farmers Market.